By giving a boutique photography experience , I have created a unique and artistic approach to deliver timeless portraits to be cherished year after year.

A light and fun experience is provided so that kids are relaxed and genuine moments are captured with a simple black background and not all kinds of props or distracting elements.

Unlike traditional high-volume studios, I offer this experience to a limited number of schools and accommodate to the unique needs of each school, thus ensuring a more personal service.


What services are offered?

All ordering and payments are done online. There is no cost up front for families or the school. I provide a link to parents for everything they need to know to prepare for the photo day and the online ordering process. Password protected online galleries are given to each family so they may order the pose and style they want instead of it being chosen for them. There are generally 2-4 photos presented in both color and black and white. Sibling portraits are also available as an add-on and no cost to the family up front.

All prints are ordered online and delivered directly to the school for distribution.

All equipment is provided for photo day.

Complimentary print packages are given to staff members.

I handle all questions from parents about products and the online ordering process.

The school is provided with all high resolution digital files to use for yearbooks, website, school advertising, and school ID’s.

What is the cost?

My rates are competitive and there is no cost up front. I’ve created a variety of products to fit any budget. All profits are made from ordering and I also donate 10% of the profits back to your school.

When do you schedule the portraits?

I work with each individual school to determine the best time of year to suit their needs.

Contact me,, to talk more about what we can do to make Fine Art School Portraits in your school.