Natural Light | Twin Cities Tween Photographer

When it’s 10 degrees out, you get creative with locations.  What kid doesn’t love to play around at the library?!  We even snuck outside for 5 minutes to grab a few.  Looking forward to longer days ahead and some warm weather, but I am embracing winter for what it is.

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November Rain | Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

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Gratitude | Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

Gratitude Photo Project.

 I am ever so grateful for the light, however big or small it may be.


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Chasing Sunlight | Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

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One of my most treasured heirloom’s passed onto me is an old picture of my grandparents.  The photo was taken circa 1947, 67 years ago.  Long before digital media was even thought of.  Now we think nothing of taking pictures with our phones, getting a loaded disc from a photo session, carefully backing up to the cloud and viola!, they are there forever.  Not true.  Digital media have an expiration.  Think about it, our pixels(images) are a language our computer and software know how to read TODAY.  Some speculate that even 10 years from now those discs we all have with our images on them, will not be readable, obsolete. Do you have a computer you can put a floppy disk in and access files?


Starting out in this industry was like that of many other photographers, shooting a session and burning to a disc, not knowing that those digital images have an expiration date. I am in no way demeaning any photographer who only produces digital images, that is just not the route in my photography business that I have chosen to follow. Investment has been made to have the best software, equipment and continuing education. I feel it would be a disservice to my clients to not offer the best in archival of their images, a tangible heirloom. Careful consideration has gone into having your images printed on the best archival products the industry has to offer.  Yes, there is a differnece in printing at a professional lab versus the big warehouse down the street.


When you book a session with me, you get an experience that is documented with heirlooms to be treasured for generations.  It is not just another session at the park. From inquiry to delivery of your images, careful attention is made to every session to be unique and true to each indvidual. Web sized digital images (for sharing on social media) are complimentary with each image printed. Need help planning your vision?  I have state of the art software to help you visualize what your images will look like on your walls.


I hope I made an awarness of your digital images life expentancy, but also that of what Ruby Hue Photography has to offer.

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