The Art of Clamming | Friday Harbor, Washington | Lifestyle Photography

I’ve been asked several times, what is Lifestyle Photography?  It’s capturing what you do best, doing and being as you are.  Nothing posed, just candid and fun.  Last summer we had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in the Pacific Northwest with some very special friends.  Cloudy and moody, this was one of the only days without sunshine in weeks.  Hiking and exploring on the beaches of Friday Harbor, we were taught how to get some clams from our expert tour guide in the great Northwest.  For 2015 I’ve added Lifestyle Sessions to the menu, I would love to come along and play and capture YOUR adventures! For now, here is a peek at some personal lifestyle images.



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LIFE Sessions | Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer | Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer

Dear to my heart is shooting documentary style, telling a story with one or a series of images. It’s how I was taught to shoot way back in my dark room days, is how I shoot my own family and is rapidly becoming more and more of a request.  All kinds of changes are happening at Ruby Hue, I am super excited to be adding LIFE Sessions to the menu.

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Mark+Danielle {Twin Cities Engagement and Wedding Photographer}

Fall is so lovely in Minnesota, all the gold and yellow tones and of course the yummy golden sunlight at the end of day.  We met in Zumbrota to play in the leaves and get some amazing images for these two, soon to be newlyweds. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Enjoy.





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This is Eight | Minneapolis/Twin Cities Children’s and Tween Photographer

Riding in the back seat of the car, my youngest asks me if I would like to be able to fly.  I responded with another question, what kind of flying?  Like a bird or in an airplane?  Like a bird mom!  If you have wings you could be free and fly all over and maybe fly high enough to see God!  Like fairies, they make wishes come true.

So because she still believes in the magic of it all and before her fairy spirit disappears with age,  we had a fun time playing in the woods. I hope you enjoy as much as I did planning and shooting.


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Lisé - So beautiful! You are so fortunate to capture those moments.

BFF Summer Fun

Another fun tween session.  Beautiful girls, barefoot and running around town.  I was a little side tracked by all the cute threads in the shop where they let us come in and play. Lah-Tee-Dah-Boutique in Hastings, I’m coming back…who’s coming with me?  Here’s a peek at our fun!


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