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Being sick is no fun, unless you’re 6.  Endless time to play Barbies and splash in the tub as if you’re a mermaid. Unknowingly sharing your soup with the dog and tucking him in for his afternoon nap.  Playing dress up with your AG doll and sneaking mom’s newborn props in for play.  On this grey day, I opted for the black and white conversion. I see the shades of grey rather than B/W, but not the shades your thinking of.  I love how the grey puts in a bit of mood and mystery to a person.  Although I’m anxious for spring and bright bold images, I’m enjoying the grey.


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The Pond | Minneapolis Children’s Photography | Minneapolis Lifestyle Photography

As the year begins with goals and resolutions, I find myself organizing and planning my heart out.  I’ve retired from all that I know of the last 20 years to begin a professional journey that is exciting and yet frustrating some days.  I look around to be inspired.  Read something great to set me on the right path, something profound, earthshaking wisdom to inspire me and light the way.  Insert cricket noise…  What I’ve found that inspires me is right in my own backyard.  The same thing that has inspired me for years, my kids.  The funny things they say, their quirkiness, laughter, smiles and the sparkle in their eyes.  It happens so fast!  One of my projects for the year is to capture our everyday life around the Svien house, as my oldest will be gone off to college in less than a year.  If you are having trouble being inspired, I challenge you to look in your own backyard.  Take time for the important things you put off and be a kid again.  They are our future!  I’ve had the opportunity to be inspired in my backyard by not just my kids, but all the kids.  The pond in the backyard has brought out many a smiling kid with lots more winter fun to be had.  Here are a few pictures I snapped awhile ago and I look forward to many more. 

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Welcome to Ruby Hue Photography and thanks for visiting today.  My crazy dream is finally starting to happen. I am so excited to get the website going and start sharing some pictures and stories.  The cold winter months are tough on outside location shoots, so I am really looking forward to the possibility of clicking some frames of newborns.  If you or anyone you may know is expecting, send them to Ruby Hue.  I am running a special promotion for newborns for $100.  The price includes the session fee and 10 fully edited digital images.  I look forward to hearing from some expecting mammas!

As I end a 20 year career at Cole’s, I am sad but yet so excited for the new chapter in my life.  I have had the privilege of taking care of some amazing people and working with people that have changed my life for the better in so many ways.  As the next few weeks wind down at the salon, I want to say thank you to my guests and my co-workers.  It’s been a blessing and a privilege to work with each and every person.  I will NOT say good-bye as no one else can wax, tweeze,massage, polish, color or cut my hair other than the ultra talented women(and Bryan) of Cole’s Salon in Apple Valley.  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and blessings to a healthy and Happy New Year!  Please stay in touch, follow me on Facebook and call me if you need a photographer.

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Leah - you go girl! so happy for you! we have to catch up! miss you!